All is Calm on our Leesa

Your parents always tell you that time passes by in what seems to be an instant when you have children. While it surely felt like only yesterday that welcomed in our first miracle to the world, here we were transitioning our two and half a year old to her first ‘Big Girl’ bed. The transition was bittersweet. Out went all of the items we had dreamed about for so very long – the crib and the changing table. In came the big girl bed and the dressers. While we were redoing her room, we were fortunate to receive a bed frame that belonged to my grandmother. The bed frame was perfect, but the mattress, having years of use, was much to be desired. Fast forward another two and half years, and our second born, Nora, is getting closer to her ‘Big Girl’ bed. This seemed like the perfect time for an upgrade for Brynn and a brand new start for Nora.

When researching mattresses, we knew that comfort was a top priority. As a first time parent, I never really understood how important a comfortable bed makes when ensuring a good night sleep for not only your child, but the parents as well! The bed is more than just a place to sleep each night. It is that happy place you go to to feel safe and warm. It is where you recharge yourself to be your best self each day. It is where you read to your children and watch their imagination sparkle. It is where you cuddle for as long as you can until the day they no longer want to cuddle with you!

Now, back to the topic of comfort. Ever since we moved Brynn to a bed she has been a very restless sleeper. She constantly tosses and turns throughout the night never seemed to find the right position. Therefore, we knew that we needed to find a mattress that would cuddle her perfectly so that she could be snug and cozy.

This broght us to the Leesa Mattress. We knew this would be the perfect mattress for our daughters. Its new top layer of foam contours to every curve of your body so that it feels like you are floating on air. Brynn would always toss and turn, preferring to sleep on her side. Luckily, the Leesa mattress is perfect for all positions, but is especially comfortable for back and side sleepers. With the Cooling Foam Top layer and the Contouring Memory Foam right underneath, this mattress is sure to give you a Silent Night of sleep.

Unboxing the Leesa

Setting up the Leesa Mattress couldn’t have been any easier. It arrives at your doorstep in a box packaged in a vacuum sealed plastic covering.The box can easily be carried directly to the bedroom and step-by-step instructions are provided right on the box. Within seconds of cutting the plastic covering, the mattress is full size, making for a very convenient and simple process. It is also quite amazing how such a big mattress can fit into such a small box.


The first night on the Leesa

Every since Brynn started talking, she has always been quite expressive. As such, we were pretty curious how she would critique her new bed. ‘Oh my gosh, I love this bed,’ she proclaimed over and over. As a parent, you quickly realize that changes are scary for children, especially changes to sleep routines. A new mattress is a pretty big change. Fortunately, Leesa offers a 100-night risk free trial, though it only took one night for Brynn to fall in love with her new mattress. In fact, she slept well past her normal wake time the very first night on her new Leesa and has never looked back. Night time is now a breeze and there is now calm and peace instead of tossing and turning.


My Two Rainbows readers get $160 off their Leesa Mattress when using code : BrynnNora

This post was sponsored by Leesa, thank you for supporting the brands and organizations I work with. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I only choose to share brands we have tried and love ourselves as a family.

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